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Google Intern Assassins!

Google Intern Assassins

You have an intern you must kill.

But be warned... someone is trying to kill you too.

Assassins is a game in which everyone tries to kill an assigned target. Once you get a kill, you get your victim's target to kill, and the game continues. In the end, there is just one victor. Could it be you?

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How do you play?

Each player is assigned a single, specific target to assassinate. Once you kill your target, you get the target of your now-dead victim. Eventually only one person will remain. The goal is to be the last intern standing.

How do you kill?

There are three ways to kill another person. The first is to hit them with the curved part of a spoon, the second is to throw a sock at them, and the third is to use a poison card (a piece of paper with the word "POISON" underneath something they eat or drink from). For more information on specifics, read the rules. The game is always running, but there are some safe zones listed below.

Where am I safe?

There are some areas known as safe zones where you cannot kill or be killed. For a full list, see the rules, but some examples are below.

  • At your desk (although you can still be poisoned)
  • Restrooms
  • Mandatory intern events
  • Scheduled team meetings
  • Player's bedrooms (unless you invite the assassin in)

What can I win?

For the best assassins, we do have some prizes!

  • Last Player Alive (First Place) -- Your choice of a Google Swag basket (i.e. shirt/hoodie, backpack/messenger bag, mug, etc.) or a $100 gift card to the Google Store or Play Online Store
  • Second Place -- The remaining of the two prizes above
  • Most Kills -- 60 massage credits
  • Most Epic Kill (as judged by the Bay Area Intern team) -- Mystery Prize!

What's the schedule?

  • Tues, June 11, 10:30 AM: Registration opens
  • Tues, June 18, 7:00 PM: Registration closes, registration confirmed via text/email
  • Wed, June 19, 10:30 AM: Game goes live, all players texted their target
  • Wed, July 3, 5:00 PM: No more safe zones (to expedite an end to the game). The game goes until there's just one assassin left alive.
  • Fri, July 12, 5:00 PM: Players with zero kills are auto-eliminated from the game.