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Google Intern Assassins!

Google Intern Assassins


We'll be using text messages to hand out targets and report kills. In a traditional game, we might use cards, but cards don't scale as well as texts :). When the game begins, you'll get your target texted and emailed to you.

tl;dr: When you get a kill, text 'kill'. Your victim will get a text, and will need to confirm by saying 'I am dead'. Then you'll get your next victim.

You can text our assassins system the following commands.
Command What It Does
kill Report that you killed your target. Your victim will receive a text saying they have been reported dead. They reply with 'I am dead', and you'll receive your next target.
I am dead Sent after your killer reports your death. This removes you from the game, and gives your killer the next victim.
target Sends you your current target. This will include information such as their name, @google.com email address, and where they reported they live.
quit Remove yourself from the game.
alias [new alias] Only valid before the game has started -- Changes your secret alias to be [new alias].