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Google Intern Assassins!

Google Intern Assassins

Each intern has another to kill.

Assassins is a game in which everyone tries to kill an assigned target. Once you get a kill, you get your victim's target to kill, and the game continues. In the end, there is just one victor.

Have questions? Want to plan a game? Contact Us, or scroll down for more info.

About Us

  • Our Assassins game involved almost 250 MTV interns, making it one of the biggest intern events of the summer. It was developed and planned by interns, too!
  • We'll be making the system open source, so that other offices can use our code and host their own game. Sounds fun? Contact us.
  • Interns around the world (from 12 offices) have engaged us and purchased our custom-ordered Assassins tshirts (even without playing the game). They're have been shipped to Googlers everywhere.

How the game works

  • Each player is assigned a single, specific target to kill. Once you kill your target, you get the target of your now-dead victim. Eventually only one person will remain, and the goal is to be the last intern standing!
  • There are three ways to kill another person. The first is to hit them with the curved part of a spoon, the second is to throw a sock at them, and the third is to use a poison card (a piece of paper with the word "POISON" underneath something they eat or drink from). For more information on specifics, read the rules. The game is always running.

Our System

  • The assassins system was written entirely by Mountain View interns especially for this game. Specifically, it's a simple PHP/MySQL application using CodeIgniter for a MVC framework, and Tropo for a SMS API.
  • Once the game starts, the system pretty much runs itself. It's used to create a scalable game (so there's no more work from 50 people to 250). Since almost everyone has a phone that supports SMS that they carry with them, we decided SMS was the best way to track victims.
  • When initially creating the game, all players are shuffled to a random order, and then Player A gets Player B to kill, B gets C, etc. Then there's only one loop, so the only way a person can get themselves is to win the game. It's represented as a simple doubly-linked list.